The Minicut Assay System

Downstream Solutions offers an integrated system to manage crude oil assay data that allows easy cutting, blending, modeling, and updating of assay information. The key of this system is a proprietary method for representing the chemical and physical properties of the crude oil using many small, 20ºF, true boiling point cuts.

Referred to as a "Minicut" assay, this method relies on HPI's Crude Cut Property Prediction (CCPP) correlations to reliably match individual properties over the entire true boil point (TBP) range of the crude. The CCPP was developed from regression analysis of over 500 crude oil assays using neural networks and advanced statistical tools.

The Minicut assay also provides for a standardized way to estimate the properties of blends made from multiple crude oils and to update assays based on changes in API gravity, light end composition, and contaminants. The Minicut assay may also be used to supply input data to a range of refinery modeling tools.

Users may obtain Minicut assays in two ways. First, Downstream Solutions offers a library of many of the world's crude oils from which the user may purchase individual assays. The library is also available in its entirety. Second, if the user has interest in a specific crude oil assay, Downstream Solutions can create a Minicut assay unique to this crude oil. The following pages list descriptions of the Minicut Assay System components.

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