Single Product Blending Models

Microsoft Excel®-based product blending models are available for motor gasoline, diesel fuel, and bunker fuel. The models provide an optimized blend meeting given product specifications from an array of available components. The individual models can process up to 10 components in a blend. Libraries of up to 25 user-defined components can be included in each individual blender, for an additional fee. A seperate LP optimizer transparently performs the optimization calculations. Also included are non-optimal blending calculations and routines for data conversion and estimation.

Guide to Petroleum Product Blending - 1989

This 1989 HPI guide provides documentation on the technology of blending gasoline and distillates. The 124-page guide addresses non-linear blending methods for blending distillation, vapor pressure, octane, freeze/pour & cloud points, flash, viscosity, cetane, and aniline point.