Refinery Simulator

The Refinery Simulator is a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet model which provides the product yields and processing margins for a user-defined set of crude oils, refinery configuration, product specifications, and prices. Directional optimization and margin calculations provide the basis for conducting customized crude oil valuations, world and regional market analysis, and competitiveness studies. The Refinery Simulator uses the Minicut Assay Library to provide crude oil input data and includes a processing capacities database of all of the refineries in the world.

Handbook of Petroleum Refining Yields

The Handbook of Petroleum Refining Yields presents refining yield data for various combinations of process units and product specifications for over 100 crude oils. These yields can serve as a basis for determining the value of crude oils in a particular refinery or trading situation. The yields are derived using the Refinery Simulator and Minicut Assay Library. They are provided in a handbook as well as an electronic database. Available separately, a crude netback viewer can estimate the netback value from up to 15 crudes for any of the available refinery configurations based on the user provided product prices.

Petroleum Refining Process Correlations-1987

HPI Consultants published its Petroleum Refining Process Correlations in 1987. While dated, this 1987 handbook presents correlations for many refining processes using feedstock quality and unit severity to predict yields and product properties. In addition to the technical documentation, the yield and property correlations for each process are also provided as a Microsoft Excel® file.

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